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Piwik Remote Updater

Only works with piwik auto-update and Python 2.

This script makes a automatic login and clicks on the "update" link in Piwik.


  • Login in Piwik.
  • Click on Update link.
  • Click on Update button.

General Information

License: GNU General Public License

Author: Christoph Daniel Miksche (


  1. Use the following command to install all dependencies.
pip install pipenv
pipenv install BeautifulSoup4 lxml mechanize fake_useragent

Alternatively if your using Debian:

apt install python-beautifulsoup python-mechanize python-lxml python-fake_useragent
  1. Then clone the git repository.

  2. After that, please change the variables in the file.

  3. Enter the following command in your commandline.

    pipenv shell
  4. If you want to schedule your updates, edit your /etc/crontab file.