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Gitea Auto Update

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Script for a automatic update of gitea. Should be run locally on the gitea server. Has options for updating via new binary file or build from source.


  • Get Gitea Version from the Gitea CLI and if that fails from the Gitea API
  • Get latest Release via GitHub API
  • Check if there is a newer Version
  • If there is a newer Version:
    • If binary file was selected:
      • Download new version
      • Check sha256
      • Overwrite old version
    • If build from source is active:
      • Checkout new release branch
      • Build binary
      • Overwrite old binary

General Information

License: GNU General Public License

Author: Christoph Daniel Miksche (

Uses python version 3


Create a settings.ini file on your system. Example:


Use the following command to install gitea-auto-update.

sudo pip3 install gitea-auto-update

Enter the command gite-auto-update --settings=/path/to/settings.ini in your commandline.

If you want to schedule your updates, edit your /etc/crontab file.



The following instructions help you for developing.

  • Check out the Contribution Guidelines.
  • Clone this git repo
  • Install pipenv: pip install pipenv
  • Install all dependencies: pipenv install
  • Install git pre-commit hooks (for pylint and gitlint) with pre-commit install
  • You can run the tests with python -m unittest
  • After pushing, you should check the build status which currently checks the tests, pylint and the commit message format.


The following steps are automatically executed via pre-commit hooks.

  • You can run pylint with pylint gitea_auto_update
  • After changes and commit, you can check if your commit message follows the contribution guidelines with gitlint. If there is a problem, gitlint will show you a error message.


Thank you for your support!

Interested in contributing to this project? Check out the Contribution Guidelines.