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Debian Server Basic Config - Bash Script

Author: Christoph Daniel Miksche

License: GNU General Public License

Version: 0.2 (untested alpha)

This is a bash script for setting the basic configuration of a debian based server.

Variables can be put / set in the “” file.


  • Update of installed packages
  • Install of following packages: ufw rkhunter fail2ban nano sudo htop whois curl nodejs figlet screen cron ntp tar zip unzip
  • Sets a cron for daily package update
  • Install and basic configuration of the firewall ufw
  • Creates new default user
  • Disable of ssh-root-login
  • Changes the default ssh port
  • Install of the FTP Service, Webserver and Database
  • Creates a simple message of the day with warnings for unauthorized user
  • Creates a vHost for your Website